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Brazil meatpackers study Chinese concerns of infected chicken products

- Brazilian pork and chicken processors association ABPA said on Thursday it is evaluating Chinese claims that traces of the novel coronavirus had been found in Brazilian chicken products sold in the Asian country

US pork exports to Central America rising

- Pork exports to Central America achieved growth in the first half of 2020

Hog prices in China edge down in late July

- The price of live pigs in China went down 1.3 percent in late July compared with mid-July, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed Tuesday.

Tyson Foods wants China to life ban on US plant with Covid 19 cases

- Tyson Foods Inc is seeking to convince Beijing to lift a ban on U.S. chicken shipments from an Arkansas plant where workers tested positive for COVID-19, President Dean Banks said on Monday

China continues to take more EU pork, whilst its own pig prices rebound

- EU fresh/frozen pork exports were up on the year again in May, largely driven by continuing demand from the Chinese market

Đàn gia cầm tại Thanh Hóa tăng mạnh sau dịch tả lợn châu Phi

- Một năm qua, đàn gia cầm tại Thanh Hóa tăng 4 triệu con. Điều này xuất phát từ việc thay đổi thói quen sử dụng thực phẩm, giảm áp lực về nhu cầu thịt lợn.

Triền Tiên thúc đẩy chăn nuôi gà

- Sau hai đại dịch tả lợn châu Phi (ASF) và SARS-CoV-2, Triều Tiên muốn cải thiện bữa ăn cho người dân bằng chăn nuôi gia cầm

Brazilian poultry exports expected to grow 48% until 2029

- The outlook for the Brazilian poultry industry is positive. The Fiesp (Industry Federation of São Paulo State) expects an increase of 29% in production and 48% in exports during this decade

China to auction 10,000 tonnes of frozen pork from reserves on July 23

- China will sell 10,000 tonnes of frozen pork from its state reserves on July 23, said the China Merchandise Reserve Management Center on its website on Tuesday

Ethiopian farmers salughter thousands of chicks as covid hits demand

- Ethiopian poultry farmers have destroyed hundreds of thousands of chicks, as the sector reels from a collapse in demand from the hotel sector because of the COVID-19 pandemic.